Recreation Centres – Frístund

Frístund is a leisure centre operated in all the town’s primary schools and is open to all children in grades 1-4.

Frístund is an optional offer where children stay and play and engage in creative activities under the care of staff after school hours.

  • Opening hours

    Frístund is open from the end of school hours to 5pm. Parents may decide which days to avail themselves of the service and the time spent can vary between days. Staying hours can be to 2pm, 3pm, 4pm or 5pm. Frístund is open on all days that the primary schools are open and during school hours on teacher preparation work days. They are open on all working days around Easter and Christmas but closed on 23 December (Þorláksmessa), Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Frístund centres are not open during the schools’ winter breaks and they are closed on the first day of school each year. 

  • How much does it cost for my child?

    Attendance and food fees are collected in advance at the beginning of each month.

    Further information on the price list may be found here.


  • Where do I apply for the service?

    Applications for Frístund are through the town’s residents’ portal. 

  • Day care for children with special needs

    The leisure time club Hrafninn is for children with special needs in grades 5-10. Applications for Hrafninn by means of a special form that may be found here. 

Last updated 02. October 2018