All students in Kópavogur’s primary schools have access to lunch at school.

Six schools in the town, Álfhólsskóla, Hörðuvallaskóla, Kársnesskóla, Lindaskóla, Salaskóla, Snælandsskóli and Vatnsendaskóla ,have their own kitchens and prepare the food on-site while Kópavogsskóli and Smáraskóli receive meals from Skólaaskur. The cost of subscribing to meals is the same in all the schools. Menus can be found on the websites of the schools and skó

  • What kind of food is offered?

    The focus is on healthy food according to the guidelines of the Directorate of Health.

  • How much does the service cost?

    A flat rate is collected based on twenty days per month. See the primary school canteen price list for further information.


    Vantar hlekk

  • How do I apply for the service?

    Registration for canteen meals is through Kópavogur’s residents’ portal.

  • Enquiries and/or suggestions

    Enquiries, suggestions or complaints may be sent to the Headteacher of the school in question.

Last updated 16. January 2020