Kópavogur primary schools

All children are obliged to attend school from the year they reach the age of six and take priority for their neighbourhood school. Parents may also apply for placement in another school or an independently operated school. Enrolment is through Kópavogur’s service portal.

There are nine primary schools and one independently operated school in Kópavogur. The overarching aim in Kópavogur’s school operations is to provide students with comprehensive education and to support their development in co-operation with their families.

  • What primary school should my child attend?

    The domicile of the student determines which school they are entitled to attend. Parents may, however, apply for placement in any primary school in the town.

  • The school areas

    The school areas are delineated by streets and can be found here.

    School area of Álfhólsskóli Bordered by Kjarrhólmi, Smiðjuvegur, Dalvegur, Digranesvegur, Brattabrekka and south of Nýbýlavegur. Consists of the Digranes and Hjallar neighbourhoods

    The school area of Hörðuvallaskóli is the Kórar neighbourhood

    The school area of Kársnesskóli is the Kársnes peninsula, west of the Hafnarfjarðarvegur road

    The school area of Kópavogsskóli is delineated by Hafnarfjarðarvegur, Brattabrekka, Digranesvegur, Nýbýlavegur and Fífuhvammur

    The school area of Lindaskóli is the Lindir neighbourhood

    The school area of Salaskóli is the Salir neighbourhood

    The school area of Smáraskóli is the Smárar neighbourhood

    The school area of Snælandsskóli is north of Nýbýlavegur, the Hólmar neighbourhood belongs to Álfhólsskóli

    The school area of Vatnsendaskóli is the Vatnsendi neighbourhood, i.e. Þing and Hvörf

  • Enquiries and/or suggestions

    Enquiries, suggestions and complaints may be directed to the head of Primary School Affairs, Department of Education. Tel 441 0000.

  • How do I apply for a school and other related services?

    Enrolment is through Kópavogur’s service portal. In addition, parents will have to apply separately for Frístund  (Recreation Centres) and subscription to the canteen.

Last updated 23. January 2019