Guardianship of interests

Disabled people can seek the assistance of rights protection officers as regards any matters relating to their rights, finances and other personal matters. This can be done by telephoning or sending an e-mail and the officer will provide assistance in seeking their rights.

Anybody who believes that the rights of disabled people are being violated is obliged to notify the rights protection officer of such violations. The officer may also address cases at his/her own initiative. Employees are under obligation to provide the rights protection officer with any information he/she requires for his work. 

Disabled persons who have difficulty defending their interests are entitled to select a personal spokesperson to help them to make their wishes known. The spokesperson provides assistance with protecting personal rights and other personal issues, such as regarding treatment by health-care workers, choice of residence, employment, leisure activities and use of funds. 

A precondition for becoming a personal spokesperson is knowledge of the personal needs and interests of the person receiving assistance. The work of a personal spokesperson is unpaid but any costs resulting from such work is reimbursed.

The Rights Protection Officer for the Disabled in Kópavogur is  Eiríkur Karl Ólafsson 
tel: 858 1753

Last updated 17. March 2017