Rented social assistance housing

Kópavogur has a significant number of apartments in the town that are rented to low income and poor families.

 Renting social assistance housing should be regarded as a temporary solution and any changes, such as changes to marital status, family size or financial standing can lead to revisions of leasing entitlements. Information of this nature is gathered each year.

  • Conditions for renting social assistance housing

    There are certain conditions that applicants for social assistance housing must fulfil when applying:

    • They must have been domiciled and resided in Kópavogur for at least six months before the application is submitted to the Welfare Department.
    • They not own real estate in any form equivalent to residential housing.
    • They must not pass the payment ability assessment for purchasing an apartment.
  • The application process

    Applications are processed according to a scoring system, taking account of income, housing conditions, social circumstances, the position of the applicant and the age of the application. An application requires a total of 17 points or more to be included on the waiting list. The application must be renewed each year or it will be removed from the waiting list.

Last updated 12. March 2019