Service Centre

The Service Centre is located at Askalind 5 and is open on all working day from 8am to 4pm, except on Fridays when it closes at 2pm. The telephone number of the Service Centre is 441 9000. You can also send e-mail.

The Service Centre is responsible for the management of most tasks performed on municipal public property. Included in the tasks of the Centre are work relating to snow clearing, gardening, water and sewage utilities, waste collection and other services to residents, companies and public bodies.

If residents have suggestions for work needed or other comments on the condition of municipal public property, these will be responded to on Tel No. 441-9000.

The emergency telephone number of the Service Centre is 892-8215. This number is only active outside opening hours and only attends to emergencies.


Utilities work includes work on water, sewage, hot water and, electricity utilities and telecommunications installations. Work on water utilities is wholly managed by the Kópavogur municipality. Such work is generally carried out in conjunction with roadworks by contractors under the supervision of the Service Centre. Water catchment and primary water mains from Vatnsendakriki are the responsibility of the Service Centre.

The Service Centre is responsible for all maintenance of reservoir areas, water mains and distribution pipes. Home supply lines to new buildings are laid concurrently with the laying of telecommunications line and hot water pipes. Applications for home supply lines are to be sent to Orkuveita Reykjavíkur.

The emergency telephone number of Kópavogur Water Utilities is 840-2690. This number may be used only if the matter is urgent and outside office hours.

Last updated 15. January 2021