Residency refers to social assistance and special support to be able to live in the manner best suited to the individual. 

The service is intended to take account of the circumstances, wishes and needs of each individual. The aim is to ensure that people have a choice on the manner in which they live, just like everyone else in the community. Kópavogur operates residential centres and homes for the disabled which have been designed with the needs of the disabled in mind.

  • Homes for the disabled

    Kópavogur operates the following homes:

    • Skjólbraut Home, Director: Sigríður Hildur Snæbjörnsdóttir, tel. 564 2229

    • Marbakkabraut Home, Director: Helga Steinarsdóttir, tel. 564 3074

    • Vallargerði Home, Director: Ágúst Elvar Vilhjálmsson, tel. 554 3833

    • Dimmuhvarf Service Centre, Director: Kjartan Ólafsson tel. 441 9580

    • Hörðukór Service Centre, Director: Amalía Vilborg Sörensdóttir, tel. 544 2120

    • Kópavogsbraut Service Centre, Director: Unnar Þór Reynisson, tel. 570 1548

    • Austurkór Service Centre, Director: Birgir Freyr Birgisson, tel. 441 9561

    • Hrauntunga Shelter, Director: Berglind Ósk Guðnadóttir, tel. 554 3414

    Applications can be made for home services in the form of social home services, social personal support and further personal support, irrespective of whether people are living in their own apartments, rented apartments in the general market or in rental social assistance housing.

  • Further personal support

    Further personal support is intended to help people who need special help with various activities in their daily life. This support is in addition to social personal support and home services and is designed to make it possible for the individual to live as is most suitable for them.

Last updated 15. March 2017