Refuge for people with mental illnesses – Dvöl

Dvöl’s guests visit on their own terms, or with the support of others, to enjoy the company of other guests and the staff. Dvöl offers a wide range of activities, focusing primarily on increasing the independence and engagement of its guests.

Dvöl is a refuge, not a treatment centre, where guests and their families can get good advice from staff if they so wish. No referral from a physician or other treatment entity is required to visit Dvöl. 

The principal goals of Dvöl are:

  • To put an end to social isolation of the mentally ill in the Greater Reykjavík area.
  • To reduce prejudice and improve the quality of life of people with mental illnesses.
  • To prevent re-admittances to psychiatric wards.
  • To create an environment where mutual respect and trust reign and each individual can flourish.

Hot meals are served at lunch for a reasonable fee.

Address: Reynihvammur 43, tel.: 554 1260 or 554 7274

Opening hours are between 9:30am and 3:30pm on working days. Closed during July.

The Director is Þórður Ingþórsson – e-mail:

Last updated 19. August 2019