Leisure activity grants - Frístundastyrkur

Kópavogur provides the parents/guardians of children aged 5-18 who are domiciled in Kópavogur with leisure activity grants for participation in organised sports and recreational activities.

As of 1 January 2018, the grant is ISK 50,000 per child per year. The leisure activity grant can be used at any time of the year irrespective of the number of sports/courses participated in. 
Please note that all use of leisure activity grants is now electronic.

  • For whom is the leisure time grant?

    The goal and purpose of the leisure activity grant is to ensure that all children aged 5-18 in Kópavogur, can take part in constructive leisure activities irrespective of financial or social position.

  • The goal of the leisure activities grant

    The main condition for the grant is that the activity should be based on educational values and preventative measures. The main condition imposed on those who participate in Kópavogur’s leisure activities programme is that the activity should be based on educational values and preventative measures and that it is carried out under the management/guidance of educated professionals in the field of sports and recreational activities. Activities eligible for grants must be at least ten consecutive weeks in length. Note that the grant may not be transferred between years.

  • Registering for a course

    Registrations for courses can be through the residents’ portal or the website/leisure activity grant site of the club/company where the child participates in his/her leisure time activities.

  • Who can allocate the grant?

    The parent/parents/guardians who have the same domicile as the child can allocate the grant. If the parents do not live together, the parent that does not have the same domicile as the child can allocate the grant provided that the sports association/leisure time association has created the other parent as a guardian in the system.

    In addition, the leisure time association can create other close relatives, such as grandparents as guardians/payers of training fees in the Nóri registration system. The permission of the current guardian is required to register a new guardian.

Last updated 01. November 2018